“The Whole, is greater than the sum of its parts.”

What is The Elk Collective? Virtual elk hunting education, with continuous updated content. 100% in video format. We’re a collective of passionate, and successful elk hunters. The Elk Collective isn’t one person’s perspective on the hunt, rather a collective of individuals who share their years of experience with you to help shorten the learning curve. Have you been struggling, digging through the trenches only to still come home empty handed? Maybe you’ve tasted success, but not on a consistent basis? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned vet with years of successful elk hunting under your belt, but are always looking to put a few more knowledge arrows into your quiver?
The Elk Collective is for you.
Dan Staton, Jason Phelps, Jon Gabrio and  Dirk Durham had the same vision - Collaborative Elk Hunting Education. With this idea, we realized the collective isn’t about us, it’s about ALL the contributors. The old saying - there’s more than one way to skin a cat couldn’t be more true in the world of elk hunting. Join us in the next level of elk hunting education!